APAPA's Core Services

The mission of the Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association (APAPA) is to empower Asian and Pacific Islander (API) Americans in civic and public affairs through education, active participation, and leadership development. To accomplish this objective, APAPA provides the following core services to the community.

Civic Engagement

APAPA provides community members with the opportunity to be proactive, participate, educate, and impress upon the API community that we have a voice in government and public affairs. We are accomplishing that through Voters Education, standing up for civil rights, and an active role in government appointments.

Youth Leadership Development

APAPA’s established track record demonstrates that we value and support our future leaders and is dedicated to fostering our future through development of our youth. This initiative includes both college scholarship and legislative internship programs.

Community Services

APAPA is also dedicated to enriching our community and helping members grow and adapt to our ever-changing society. Partnering and collaborating with other community organizations and business sponsors, APAPA has a vision to become the central hub for bringing services to our community members. Major initiatives include Digital Literacy, Health and Senior Services, and Personal Finance

Message from the President:

Lucy Oback, President/CEOWelcome to the Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association (APAPA) website! This site is always growing and ever-changing, so check back often. For current happenings, please check us out on Twitter, Facebook, or at APAPA's Blog. We welcome your feedback and support. Thanks for spending part of your day with us!

APAPA is non-profit and non-partisan. Since 2001, our focus has been on educating the public about public policy and fostering future leaders from our minority communities to serve at federal, state and local levels.

APAPA is a dynamic organization with a diverse membership representing all communities throughout California and around the nation. We have many friends, supporters, and partners in all levels of government, in the business world, among various community and civic organizations, and individuals from all walks of life. Everyone who shares our vision and goals are welcome to become members of APAPA, regardless of ethnicity, economic status, or political affiliation.

Lucy Oback, President



APAPA College Application Workshop: APAPA is hosting a free college application workshop to teach high-schoolers and their families how to go through the college and university application process. The workshop is on Saturday, September 20, 2014 at APAPA HQ in Sacramento, CA. See flyer for details.

San Diego City Council District 6 Candidates Forum takes place on Tuesday, October 7, 2014 at the Mira Mesa High School Library in San Diego, CA. Hear candidates Chris Cate and Carol Kim share their thoughts and views on important San Diego issues at this free event. View the flyer to learn more.

The 13th Annual Voters Education & Candidates Forum will take place on September 27, 2014 at California State University, Sacramento. The event is free and open to the public. Attendees will hear from different candidates, be educated on different policies and issues, and more.

What happened at the 2014 Alumni Conference: Over 70 interns and alumni attended an Alumni Conference on August 8-10, 2014. Read more about the event in our blog post.

Urge sponsors of Fox News "The Five" to FIRE Bob Beckel: APAPA has united with other API organizations to achieve the resignation of Bob Beckel for his racist remarks on Fox News "The Five program." Please go to the website http://www.firebobbeckel.com, click on the tab “Email to Sponsors” on the right, complete the simple form and click “Submit”. A letter will be sent in your name to sponsors of Fox News 'The Five' urging them to FIRE Bob Beckel.