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A Message from the Chapter President

Nelson Huang, SCC PresidentWelcome to the APAPA Southern California Region (APAPA-SCR) website.

With the support of many volunteers, APAPA has experienced exceptional growth in the Southern California community since the inception of our Southern California Chapter in 2008. The new San Diego Chapter was created to serve the southernmost community in 2010. Several other new chapters are already in the planning stage.

We have been working closely with many elected officials and partner organizations on pertinent issues important to our community. Building a grassroots organization, filling the pipeline, training the next generation of leaders, encouraging and educating every citizen to actively participate and serve the community we live in have been our main emphasis. With that in mind, we created many unique programs to fulfill our missions. Leadership workshop, summer internship program, Youth Leadership Conference, town hall meeting, voter registration campaign, candidate forum, and Youth Leadership Council are some of the examples of our efforts. Special thanks to the many corporate sponsors for making our services possible to our community.

You are encouraged to join us to empower yourself and your family to be active and relevant members of this great nation we call it home.

Nelson Huang
APAPA Southern California Regional Headquarters

APAPA-Southern California Regional Headquarters

Nelson Huang, Director
Lilly Cheng, Board Member
Ron Cho, Board Member
Elizabeth Huang, Board Member

APAPA-Southern California Chapter Officers & Board Members

Nelson Huang, Chair/President
Anyork Lee, Honorary Chair
Elizabeth Huang, VP Outreach, Internship Chair
Kevin Tamaki, VP Community Affairs
Mary Ng, VP Administrative
Derrick Nguyen, Board Member, Legal Council
Frank Chen, Board Member, Legal Council
Felicia Van Frank, Board Member
Grace Shin, Board Member
Nancy Hogg, Board Member
Tony Luciano, Board Member
Johnny Chua, Board Member
John Wang, Board Member
William Grubbs, Board Member
Rosanna Huang, Board Member
Howard Wang, Board Member
Phillip Lee, Board Member
James Lee, Board Member
Henry Huang, Board Member
Mark Sim, Board Member

Southern California Youth Leadership Council

Nicole Huang
Chau Nguyen
Nicholas Huang
Teresa Tran
Carol Zheng
Nam Phan
Ryan Lo
Alexander Ng
Norbert Tsi

APAPA-San Diego Chapter Officers & Board Members

Lilly Cheng, Chair
Ron Cho, President
Loretta Hom, Secretary
Sam Ho, Board Member
Leonard Novarro, Board Member
Jacqui Nguyen, Board Member
Khoa Nguyen, Board Member
Edward Park, Board Member
William Tseng, Board Member

Media Partners

Hon Viet TV
Little Saigon Radio
International Daily News
Sing Tao Daily
World Journal
Chinese Biz News
Chinese LA Daily
Zhong Tian Channel

The APAPA Stool

"The APAPA Stool" depicts the equally important three legs of our organization.



The APAPA Orange County Chapter Grand Opening on Saturday, November 14, 2015 was a success! Click here for the flyer

8th Annual Asian and Pacific Islander American Leadership Conference On Saturday September 26, the Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association-Southern California Region (APAPA-SCR) will host its 8th Annual Asian and Pacific Islander American “Leadership Conference” at the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) in Diamond Bar. The mission of this conference is to empower our people, educate and nurture future leaders in our community. For more information click here

APAPA-SCR 2015 Leadership Program & Summer Internship: The APAPA Southern California Regional Headquarters awarded a number of internships for college students. The purpose of the internship was to help students better understand California state and local governments and to develop future leaaders in the API community. Interns will begin working for a local/state legislator, congress member, or constitutional officer in Southern California starting July 6 - August 17.

APAPA-SCR Newsletter for October 2014

APAPA-SCR Newsletter for January 2014

APAPA-SCR Newsletter for October 2013

APAPA-SCR Newsletter for February 2013

APAPA-SCR 2011-2012 Accomplishments (PDF article)

Nelson Huang receives a Leadership Award! Nelson was recognized at the Philippine American Expo in Los Angeles.

APAPA-SCR Newsletter #2 for June 2012. This issue includes more information about the 1882 Project.

APAPA-SCR Newsletter #1 for June 2012. This issue includes information about the 1882 Project. More information about the project is available on our 1882 Project webpage.

Photos from APAPA-SCR events:

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APAPA-SDC Candidates Forum (10-7-14)

APAPA-SCR interns (8-7-14)

APAPA-SCR Leadership Conference (9-27-14)


2010 SCC Internship Capitol Tour