APAPA Sacramento

A Message from the President

Henry Chang, APAPA CVR PresidentAs the new President of APAPA Sacramento, I look forward to personally meeting and working with each and every one of you. I will continue our chapter’s long history of working collaboratively with partner organizations in the community and look for ways to expand upon it. I will also continue to maintain and build upon the close relationships we have built with our area’s elected officials; we greatly appreciate the openness and willingness they have shown to engage with our community and support APAPA events.

Also, as always, all of the work that APAPA does could not take place without the generous support of our sponsors and I will make sure that we continue to show our appreciation and recognize their importance to our organization. The dedication and commitment of all of our members---all of you---is absolutely amazing and rest assured that I am well aware of the important role you have played and will continue to play in APAPA’s success. My door is always open for your input and your volunteer efforts are always appreciated! I look forward to growing APAPA and taking the organization to the next level.

As someone who has worked in sales and business development for the past 20 years, I know that the key to APAPA’s growth lies in its members. We need your help to spread the word about APAPA by inviting friends, colleagues, and family to APAPA events. We also ask that you actively engage with us on APAPA’s social media sites---social media is a quick and easy way that you can help us expand our reach exponentially. If each of our members connected with us on social media and shared our content regularly we could literally ‘click our way to the Capitol.’

Thanks again for all your support!

Henry Chang
GSC President
APAPA Sacramento

APAPA-Greater Sacramento Chapter

Board officers and members:

Henry Chang, President
Vicki Beaton, Vice President of Community Relations
Tom Bhe, Vice President of Public Relations
Catherine ‘Ofa Mann, Vice President of Media
Liz Lynn, Treasurer
Mary Yin Liu, Special Projects

Felicia Bhe
Elizabeth Blanchard
Edgar Calderon
Charlotte Danielsson-Chang
Lance Fang
Jessica Ho
Albert Huang
Nia Kotobalavu
Ken Le
Patrick Le
Danny Lee, Past GSC Chair and President
Eugene Louie
Honey Lum
Pratibha Shalini

Biographies of APAPA-CVR Board Members

APAPA-Solano County Chapter

Board officers and members:

Amit Pal, Chair
Gloria Malgapos, President
Gregoria Torres, Vice President
Hoshiar Dadhwal, Treasurer
Abraham Bautista, Boardmember
Amy Fabi, Boardmember
Brian Travis, Boardmember
Caroline Villarreal, Boardmember
Erwin Blancaflor, Boardmember
Hermie Sunga, Boardmember
Jennie Wang, Boardmember
Jenny Tiu, Boardmember
Jess Malgapo, Boardmember
John Gaspar, Boardmember
Mel Orpilla, Boardmember
Paul Hayer, Boardmember
Rhuenette Alums, Boardmember
Robert Hertan, Boardmember

Photos from APAPA-GSC events:




2014 Holiday Mixer: APAPA-GSC held their annual Holiday Mixer on December 8th, 2014. The event was held at APAPA's Headquarters in Sacramento. A canned food drive, gently used coat drive, and new toy drive was held at this event. View flyer to learn more.